Summer 2011

Days of sun, waves, boats, friends, games,

Island full of joy with dreams of tomorrow,

First love, long nights, no time for sorrow,

Only peace desired. Only lively themes.


Sitting round an open fire, stories being told;

Everyday rules put aside for moments luck;

Freed from chains, which made them stuck.

Seagulls screaming and waters glittering gold.


Free and openminded, dreams of world so fair,

fishes blink, seawaves rolling towards islands horn;

Defenseless playing on the beach, barefoot, unaware.


So were they strolling through finest sand -

there was no more time to understand:

he shot them and young lifes were torn.


It was selfdefense said the murderer

and he ment what he said.

He is not an attacker –

he is a murderer.

Don't mention his name anymore.