In the mists of past I still see you,

who left me lonely in my childhood.

Maybe you did not want to go for good,

but sure enough nightmares came true.

Our father treated without kind affection

your face not with a fathers loving hand.

For self-defence you left your mothers land,

'cause her resistance was a poor reflection.

She locked up her grief and sorrow,

and her smile became smaller day by day.

She knew: There will be no return tomorrow.

And in her eyes I saw the hidden sadness;

the last farewell took place in blooming May.

I realized this very moment fathers madness.


Translation in german please look up "Gereimtes - Abschiedsworte - Meine Schwester"

Elke in Hamburg - Sommer 1956
Elke in Hamburg - Sommer 1956