I cried the whole of possible tears

when Lady Di was gone

I cried another lot of tears

when Svea died

I cried three days and nights

after I lost my mum

I cried even when my brother

died because of long forgotten

loving memories

I cried in a far distance

thinking of my sisters death

and for the ones she left behind.

I cried tears in the cosy fur

of Snorri's loving body

and Rauke's, the night she went

over the rainbow bridge

I cried in cold decembre days

because Haithu could not longer stay.


So many tears in past

were good and some

were wasted.

For I did not know

that the greatest loss to come

was a future situation

what took place this year -

I shouldn't have wasted tears

in past -


because now the tears won't fall.

They are frozen -

in the broken heart of mine.