Precious things

Think back to some moments of joy and fun,

happily with laughter and with friends,

maybe in early kidding winters sun,

and think about some hours they should never end.

Unwrapping all the small and lovely parcel-bits,

see all the little signs matched with the inside,

and look, where all the small and big surprises sit,

send from the ones, their hearts are open wide.

That is - for me - the most deep thrilling hour;

laying hand on things which you have touched before,

feeling still inside the thoughts of pretty flower

and to see: You reached your hand through an open door.

I would have liked to count them one by one,

the tasty tea, the scented soap, the comic book -

but then it – at the end – will not be done.

So I decided after all: Important is the closer look

at each of them , it's quality and not the multitute.

Admirable is more the very start of choosing each,

to think about what has a pleasing attribute,

like looking for a seldom seashell on an unknown beach.

Landscapes in wood and green in every here and there

on seaside, lake-districts and mountain rocks

might hide more not yet found treasures anywhere.

But as you see: I'm wearing them, the silly socks.