Fight for Light

In lack of light the elder was

after two weeks without my care.

The reason – as I soon found out:

bindweed and hop were taking share

and tangled with their long green arms

after winter's dream in strong desire
partly soft and barbed with nature's wire

around the elder and ranuncel;


until no sunbeam found a gap to shine

and help the elder blossoms grow.

So I got dressed like 'knight with arms'

and cut and ripped and cut again -

it was perhaps a smashing show -

and tried to do no other pain.


Yet leave inviolete the other plants
like cranesbills lovely silk in pink,
and honeysuckle's scented tangle
ranuncles golden waterfall,
which mingles in the fences angle.



It was a job, but now it's done;

my elder will be free at all.


Nach der Reise in die Vergangenheit zum Böhmerwald;
27. Mai 2017