It's all in vain

The time leads an enticing pleasant regiment;

 As if we had it mountain-high and ocean-wide,

in our youth we do not long decide;

It gives us room for every thrillingly moment.

In fact, the time is doing secret notes on lists

writing reports and tables in its diary-book

Lists our hours, makes a knot and takes a look,

with this equipment it is watching our twists.

One day, when we still hope to do a lucky cast,

trying to pluck the stars, time slows down our vivid mills;

bit by bit the colors all around will fade away.


Tireless the sand trickles through the glass day after day.

Our oceans turn to poodles and the mountains shrink to hills.

So many things we will miss - thinking 'bout the past.

(german version: Gereimtes - Momente - Die Zeit)