Those days when nothing seems to work in its right way. The alarmclock has given up its duty so you miss the right time by oversleeping. Appointments can not be hold any more. No more coffee in the cabinet, no friendly soul has bought new. In a glas of jam you find a coating of mold. Out of date.

Outside it is foggy. Uncomfortable weather.


A look in the mirror shows that, although sleeping overtimes, you are not well rested.

In the very farest corner of your kitchen remains a smallest rest of instant coffee. How comforting!

You gather up yourself and make your way to the little bakershop round the corner, to buy some „Rundstücke“. Your luck. There are a few left.

Back in your home the sight outside the kitchenwindow shows that the sun has won the fight against the mist and first rays of golden light break through.

Clothed in some warm jumper you can even have your little breakfast outside, letting your eyes wander over your garden.

A heap of autumn leaves from the big chestnut-tree covers the ground. And Chestnuts.

Your cat is apporting one of them. The fern has already brown edges. The day spreads and waits for activities.

We get ideas to react them. So get out the rake and get rid of the foliage. Dispose or bury it.

After a while you pause a little and collect new energy. You lay down in your hammock and just laze for a while. Above you see the clear blue of the octobre-sky. The light is much different from the summer-blue. Softer. The still green leaves of the limewood draw lines against the sky.

A mighty cross garden spider in the corner of the pergola endavours to mend its net. How does such a thing with eyes so short-sighted know, where the net is ruined?

In neighbours balcony boxes a titmouse seeks and finds something to eat.

Out of the freshly digged gardenearth creaps an earthworm not knowing about its luck for blackbirds are not around today. Or does it know? And what do I know about it?

The telephone rings. A friend calls and asks how I am.

I answer: Fine. Luckily I miss nothing.